We adapt as best suited for a particular industry and provide services to clients across diverse and varying trades and industries.

Freight Expedite Company (FEC) was founded in the year 1984 in Mumbai, India as a clearing and forwarding agent.


The group companies include: FEC Clearing Pvt. Ltd., FEC Shipping Pvt. Ltd. and FEC Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

A thorough industry know-how and expertise coupled with product-level knowledge has resulted in FEC building long-standing and trusted relationships with Clients. We adapt as best suited for a particular industry and provide services to Clients across diverse and varying trades and industries.


In spite of a challenging environment, we have achieved steady and stable growth and success over the years and have emerged as one of the leading service providers for customised and end-to-end solutions. Our personal interactions, flexibility and thorough understanding of the Client and their business have enabled us to enter into several long term client-driven relationships where very few have been able to sustain.
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We believe that every company, whose business is substantially dependant on Import and Export activities, needs a trusted and dependable partner to handle their supply chain effectively and efficiently in an ever-changing dynamic environment with sustained and continued levels of performance. We believe that FEC is that trusted and dependable partner for the efficient running of your business.

Today the world of Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding and Logistics is much complex and one often encounters unforeseen obstacles. The ability to tackle each challenge and keep rising to such challenges is what we do every day.


Our mission is to deliver superior quality value-added solutions in a professional, ethical and transparent manner at a sensible price and to continually improvise performance and enhance the client experience.

Our aim is to be the most preferred and trusted choice for clients.

Honesty, Transparency & Integrity

In all our communications, actions and transactions, at all levels of the Company, we believe in honesty and transparency.


is doing the right thing when no one is watching.


never, never, never give up.


makes common people achieve uncommon results.

Ethics and

Latest IT Infrastructure

At FEC, we have installed the latest IT hardware infrastructure which we regularly monitor, maintain and periodically upgrade to enhance the efficiency of our business by providing quick and easy transfer of information and timely services to our Customers.

Professional Equipment

In addition, we have high-speed professional scanners and high-quality laser printers dedicated to each department to handle a huge number of documents.

Genuine Software

We purchase and install only genuine software from reputed software providers and avoid pirated products. We have installed Licensed Professional versions of Microsoft Windows, Office suite, Anti-Virus, Firewall and Business Email Server.

Industry Integrated

We have one of the best industry-leading software for Customs Clearance and Logistics including the filing of documents with EDI Customs such as Single Window Integrated Declaration, e-Sanchit, DPD, etc. We also offer, upon demand, customised MIS and Status reports and auto-Alerts to Customers for better visibility of statistics, tracking and monitoring, and improving the performance and efficiency of work.

We handle everything for you!
  • Customs Clearance
  • PGA NOC's & Allied Requirements
  • Customs Registrations & File Work
  • Export Customs Clearance
  • International Freight Forwarding
  • Allied Requirements
  • Customs Bonded Cargo / FTZW
  • Start Up / New Company

First things first

All the aspects of our work processes, organization and operations are oriented towards our customers’ needs.