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A start-up Company or a Company that is importing or exporting for the first time may require to comply with various statutory or mandatory compliances and pre-requisites. FEC can handle certain preliminary requirements related to imports and exports and assist the client to take their business to the next level.

Our Expertise

IEC – Import Export Code

For any Import or Export transaction, it is mandatory to procure an IEC code from the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade). IEC registration is a ONE-TIME process and valid for life time of the entity. We can apply and obtain the IEC from DGFT for a new / first time importer or exporter on a fast track basis.

First Time Importer/Exporter Registration at Customs

In view of the possible mis-declarations resulting in various economic offences such as non-payment of statutory duties and taxes, money laundering, duty evasion, violation of foreign exchange laws and so on, Customs has issued directions for submission of various KYC documents of Importer / Exporter which are filed and recorded with Customs. Importers / Exporters have to complete their First Time Registration at each Customs location. This is a one-time process and valid for lifetime for that Customs location.


New PD/SVB Bond Registration

For multinational Companies importing from overseas Suppliers who are their related party, we handle the PD / SVB Bond registration procedure at Customs and arrange the clearance of consignments under Provisional Bill of Entry. We have extensive experience of related party imports and PD bond procedure of 15+ years.

Factory Stuffing Registration and Self-Sealing Permission from Customs

For exporters wanting to initiate stuffing and self-sealing of containers at their own factory premises, we can arrange the Factory Stuffing Registration and Self Sealing Permission from Customs

Consultation or Guidance on Customs Tariff

HS (Harmonised System) Code Classification, also referred to as HTS or CTH or RITC. It is important to ensure correct classification & declaration of the product, to determine applicable import tariff rates and to ascertain whether a product qualifies for eligibility of any exemptions or schemes or preferential tariff rates.