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The 'frozen' products are stored at (-) minus 18 to 25 Degree Celsius
The 'chilled’ products are stored at 0 to +4 Degree Celsius
The ambient or 'temperature-controlled' products are stored at (+) plus 15 to 18 Degree Celsius.

Due to globalisation & increased spending power, the Indian consumer is now willing to try out varieties of foods, beverages and multi-cuisine foods. Easy access to such products at supermarkets and malls have accelerated the introduction of global foods in India. India is witnessing the inflow of several big multinationals in the industry setting up base/distribution here.

FEC provides specialised services which take care of all the complex documentation, strict regulations, lab testing, NOCs, procedures and compliances; including SVB / PD Bond procedure for Foreign Multinational Companies.

Customs clearance for Frozen Foods is characterised not only by some of the complex requirements inherent to the Foods & Beverages industry but also there is the constant need to maintain the cargo at the desired temperature as well as the urgency in clearance due to high plugging, monitoring & detention charges.

Typical Products Under Chilled & Frozen Foods Include:

  • All types of Cheese, Yogurt, Butter, Ice-cream and various other Milk and Dairy based Products
  • Ready-to-Eat, Ready-to-Bake and Ready-to-Cook Frozen Foods
  • Pastries and other Bakery Industry related Products
  • Fish, Poultry and Meat Frozen Foods
  • Food Ingredients (temperature sensitive)
  • Any other Ambient or Chilled or Frozen Foods

Our Services

Customs Clearance
  • Expert / advanced level of Customs Clearance services with own Customs Broker license and in-house team
  • Guidance on HS Code / CTH classification
  • Guidance on eligible duty exemptions and duty benefits under Free / Preferential Trade Agreement
  • Clearance under SVB and related party transfer
  • Clearance under Provisional Assessment
  • Clearance under High Seas Sale

Food Safety Standards Authority of India

  • FSSAI appointment, scrutiny, sample withdrawal, lab testing and FSSAI NOC
  • FSSAI scrutiny and NOC
  • FSSAI waiver
  • Guidance / Pre-dispatch Consultancy on FSSAI labelling compliance

Animal Quarantine

  • AQ sample withdrawal, seal, lab testing and NOC
  • AQ Provisional NOC
  • AQ Final NOC

Plant Quarantine

  • PQ Inspection and IRO NOC

Additional Drug Controller/CDSCO

  • Dual Use items ADC NOC
Customs Bonded Cargo

Cargo routed through Customs Bonded Warehouse/FTWZ

  • Import in-bond / In-bound
  • Exbond / Home Consumption – Duty Paid / Duty Free
  • Bond to Bond transfer
  • Re-Export from Bond
  • Movement under OTL seal and Transit formalities
Freight Forwarding
  • Shipping / Freight Forwarding from Country of Origin to Country of Destination
  • Port to port, port to door, door to port, port to port
  • Buyer’s consolidation
End-to-end Solutions
  • End to End one point of contact solutions with primary focus on Customs Clearance