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It is highly recommended that a regular Importer / Assessee opens an additional Bank account in one of the Nationalised Banks listed at the ICEGATE portal for the purpose of payment of Customs Duty online. Click here:

Import Duty is to be paid within 24 hours of Bill of Entry Assessment
or IGM Inward Date (arrival), whichever is later, else Customs will levy
interest on Customs Duty calculated @ 15% p.a..

Option 1 [ Agency Bank]:

Many of the private banks offer the facility to their Customers for initiating payment of Customs Duty on behalf of their Customers through an Agency Bank.

The TR6 "Challan for Customs Duty" can be downloaded from the ICEGATE ePayment gateway for each document OR Importer can obtain the same TR6 "Challan for Customs Duty" from the Customs Broker (CHA) and submit it to their Bank who can then process the payment of the Customs Duty on behalf of the Importer through the Agency Bank with whom the Bank is associated with.

Option 2 [ Payment through CHA]:

If the Importer does not have an online banking account with a Nationalised Bank OR the Importer's own bank does not have the facility to get the Customs Duty payment done through an Agency Bank, then the Importer can transfer the amount into the Bank Account of his Customs Broker (CHA) and the CHA can facilitate the payment on behalf of the Importer.

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