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During the course of conducting imports over the years, the Importers may face several and varied scenarios which typically require multiple file work at Customs for the outcome. Such file work may be as diverse as a routine First Time Importer Registration to as extreme as a Customs Adjudication or Appeal Proceedings for issue of a speaking Order with redemption Fine or Penalty. We have a vast experience in handling such Customs file work and assisting and guiding the importers through the process. Some of these include as below:

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Our Expertise

First Time Importer Registration

In view of the possible mis-declarations resulting in various economic offences such as non-payment of statutory duties and taxes, money laundering, duty evasion, violation of foreign exchange laws and so on, Customs has issued directions for submission of various KYC documents of Importer which are filed and recorded with Customs. Importers have to complete their First Time Importer Registration at each Customs location. This is a one-time process and valid for lifetime for that Customs location.

Release of Goods into Bond Pending Clearance or Provisional Release Under Bank Guarantee

In cases of unforeseen disputes or differences between Importer and the Department, or unresolved queries, we can arrange for release of the cargo into Customs Bonded Warehouse (pending clearance) and return the empty container thereby avoiding or minimising the Detention and Demurrage costs, subject to certain conditions. Alternatively, pertaining to revenue matters, we may also apply to Customs for Provisional Release of cargo against submission of Bank Guarantee or payment of Duty under Protest, thereby avoiding or minimising the detention and demurrage, as well as making the goods available to the Importer.

Related Party Imports / Stock Transfer / Transfer Pricing

SVB / PD Bond Registration:

For imports from related party / stock transfer / transfer pricing, we handle the SVB / PD Bond registration procedure at Customs and arrange the clearance of consignments under Provisional Bill of Entry. We have extensive experience of 15+ years for related party imports and PD bond procedure. 

Finalisation of Provisional Bill of Entry and Refund of RD:

Upon issue of the final SVB order, we can arrange the procedure involving conversion of provisional to final Bill of Entry and the refund of RD deposit if applicable.

Re-Import of Exported Cargo

We can handle re-import of previously exported cargo (i.e. goods return), subject to applicable conditions.

Re-Export of Imported Cargo to Third Country

We can handle re-export of imported duty unpaid cargo from Customs Bonded Warehouse as well as export of imported duty-paid goods.

Return / Re-Export of Goods Back to Supplier

For bonded / duty paid goods that need to be returned back to the Supplier in certain cases, we can handle the procedure for obtaining the re-export order from Customs including the adjudication process and personal hearing. And subsequently the re-export clearance and freight back to origin.

Disposal / Destruction Order from Customs

For goods where shelf life has expired, we can handle the procedure for obtaining the destruction order from Customs including the adjudication process and personal hearing.

Customs Adjudication

We can assist or guide the Importer in a Customs Adjudication proceedings or personal hearing at Customs, including up to Commissioner Appeals.