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Due to the privatisation of Airports in India and the expansion of the Indian Aviation Sector, we have seen the private sector play a major role in extensive modernisation of airport infrastructure, development of associated support systems and improved service standards.

Some of the major retail & luxury brands of the world are now available at these airport duty-free shops and travel retail stores. Some of the primary products being perfumes, wines & spirits, chocolates & confectionery, tobacco & cigarettes.

FEC provides specialised services which take care of all the complex documentation, strict regulations, applicable NOCs, procedures & compliances.

Typical categories under Duty-Free Imports & Supply include:

  • Airport Travel Retail Duty-Free Shops
    • Perfumes & Cosmetics
    • Wines, Spirits & Alcoholic Beverages
    • Cigars, Cigarettes & Tobacco
    • Chocolates & Confectionery
    • Electronics & Accessories
    • Branded Garments, Leather Goods & Accessories, Luggage & Bags,
  • Watches & various other Luxury goods
  • Flight On-board Consumption, In-Flight Sales and Ship-Stores Supply
  • Duty-Free supply to Consulates / Diplomats
  • Duty-Free Import of Raw Material for Manufacture of Finished Goods for Export
    (under Advance License)
  • Export Sale of bonded Duty Unpaid Imported Goods

Our Expertise

Customs Clearance
  • Expert / advanced level of Customs Clearance services with own Customs Broker license and in-house team
  • Guidance on HS Code / CTH classification
  • Clearance under SVB and related party transfer
  • Clearance under Provisional Assessment
  • Clearance under High Seas Sale
Customs Bonded Cargo

Cargo routed through Customs Bonded Warehouse/FTWZ

  • Import in-bond / In-bound
  • Bond to Bond transfer
  • Re-Export from Bond
  • Movement under OTL seal and Transit formalities
Freight Forwarding
  • Shipping / Freight Forwarding from Country of Origin to Country of Destination
  • Port to port, port to door, door to port, port to port
  • Buyer’s consolidation
End-to-End Solutions
  • End to End one point of contact solutions with primary focus on Customs Clearance