Ethics and Compliance

Latest IT Infrastructure

At FEC, we have installed the latest IT hardware infrastructure which we regularly monitor, maintain and periodically upgrade to enhance the efficiency of our business by providing quick and easy transfer of information and timely services to our Customers.

Professional Equipment

In addition, we have high-speed professional scanners and high-quality laser printers dedicated to each department to handle a huge number of documents.

Genuine Software

We purchase and install only genuine software from reputed software providers and avoid pirated products. We have installed Licensed Professional versions of Microsoft Windows, Office suite, Anti-Virus, Firewall and Business Email Server.

Industry Integrated

We have one of the best industry-leading software for Customs Clearance and Logistics including the filing of documents with EDI Customs such as Single Window Integrated Declaration, e-Sanchit, DPD, etc. We also offer, upon demand, customised MIS and Status reports and auto-Alerts to Customers for better visibility of statistics, tracking and monitoring, and improving the performance and efficiency of work.

Sustainability green initiatives

We have enabled a Work-From-Home (WFH) option for selected employees via laptops and cloud-based systems.


More Efficiency


Fewer Errors


Time Spent on Paperwork

Policy & Code of Conduct

FEC has various Policies and Code of Conduct in places, such as Policy for Maintenance and Preservation of Documents, Code of Conduct, Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement, Workplace Safety Policy and others covering subjects such as Legal Compliance, Use of Company Assets, Gifts or Personal Favours, Misconduct and so on. Certain policies are expressly communicated to employees occasionally during internal Company review meetings.